Don't Touch My Man Cave!

Welcome to my studio located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada . You are more than welcome to visit....B.B. King playing in the background, great coffee, stimulating conversation, the pungent aromas of turpentine mixed with oil paint and acrylics but, as my my wife Jan would suggest, wear a hazmat suit! Hey - it's my man cave and I love everything about it, just as it is!  

PS to Jan....of course you know you are the most welcome of all,  but (as much as I appreciate an orderly house) you are  not allowed to 'tidy' my man cave ever more paints in alphabetical order, no more brushes in size order and no more books and resources categorized and perfectly aligned! I love you very much and truly recognize the thoughtfulness of your gesture, took me months to find things and restore creative chaos to my special place!