About the Artist

Gord's passion for all things 'creative' started as a very young boy, watching his beloved 'grandpop', Leonard Jacobs.  Gord spent many weekends with him, learning the basics of oil painting and sketching in Jakes 'studio', a corner of his tiny apartment where the smell of turpentine, oil paint, and linseed mingled with cigarette smoke.  Gord continued his education in art at Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr), however, soon after graduating he realized that he would need to supplement his income with a 'real' job!  

His career path took him from interior design in West Vancouver  (Sager's Maple Shop - 1969) to operating his own design business in Kelowna (G.Whyte & Associates - 1974)  and to pastor/teacher (New Life Church also in Kelowna -1988)  In 2002 Gord began receiving invitations to teach, encourage and demonstrate the love of Jesus in other nations and to that end established Healing Gate Ministries International.  He has travelled to many nations since establishing the Healing Gate, and sometimes I look back in awe at the journey that began in a smokey room, when his grandpa provided him with a little canvas and his very own brushes.  Whether he is painting on canvas or painting on people's lives, Gord is the first to admit that the inspiration always comes from His relationship with God.

Gord lives in beautiful Kelowna, B.C. with his wife Jan, of 48 years.  They have two beautiful and prolific daughters who have given them eight amazing grandchildren.  Interested in a piece of art or a commissioned work?  You can contact Gord via e-mail at gordwhyteartworks@gmail.com.