Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Tasty Persimmon

16 x 20 - Acrylic on Canvas - Private Collection - (Seoul, S. Korea)  

The story behind the work:
An interesting phenomena happens to me when I travel to Asia.  I feel reinvigorated not only spiritually but also physically  and considering the pace at which I work, this is truly miraculous.  I have come to realize that the simplicity of Korean cuisine is much more agreeable to me than that of my own culture.  I look forward to the Korean spices (seven of them), fresh seafood, rice, salads, amazing teas and the most delicious fresh fruit.  Persimmons  have become a particular favourite of mine and thus the painting.  Usually eaten in the fresh and raw form, these sweet, juicy fruits can be eaten like an apple after peeling off the skin and they are chock full of antioccidients and vitamins!  Good stuff!