Friday, October 1, 2010

The Steeplechase

18 x 36 - Acrylic on Canvas - Contact Artist

The story behind the work:
Steeplechasing originated in the UK and Ireland during the eighteenth century, when huntsmen and cavalry officers, at the end of the hunting season in spring, would race their hunters across open country from one church steeple to another, leaping hedges, ditches, streams and whatever else was in their path. The first recorded steeplechase was in 1752 in County Cork, Ireland when, for a wager, Mr O'Callaghan raced Mr Blake on horseback the 4.5 miles between the church steeples of St Buttevant's and St Leger's.

Today, a steeplechase is a horserace for Thoroughbreds, run over a grass course that includes a number of natural fences to be jumped. It is an exhibition of speed, strength, athleticism, stamina and amazing courage. It is an occasion for gut-twisting anxiety, rushing adrenalin, roaring crowds, triumph, tragedy, and wild elation. It is a way of life.

Most of these interesting facts can be found hidden in this abstract painting, and thus the title!