Friday, October 1, 2010

MV Hanna II

16 x 20 - Acrylic on Canvas - Polymer Finish - Private Collection (On board, MV Hanna II)

The story behind the work:
The Hanna II is a mercy ship which brings the Gospel, medical doctors, dentists and various supplies to help the thousands of people in the remote islands of S.E. Asia. A full ‘tour’ on the MV Hanna II takes four years and the ship will dock in port cities including those in the Philippines, S. Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and where they can administer medical, dental and spiritual help to those in need. The Hanna ship is also a floating discipleship and bible school for students from many nations. I was very impacted by both the dedication and focused energy of all those involved in this ministry.  It was a pleasure to gift them with this painting of the ship!